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Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) System by Bosch

What is the CDR Tool?

The CDR Tool is a computer software and hardware system made by Bosch to image the airbag control module data from various supported auto manufacturers’ vehicles after an airbag deployment or non-deployment event; hence, also the name or title of “Event Data Recorder (EDR)”.

Data Available?

Contrary to popular belief, the airbag control module (ACM) is not a “black box”. The ACM does not record the vehicle’s location, date or time, tell who was driving, record voices or video, or show how a person was driving the vehicle the week before. The ACM records certain vehicle crash data parameters when the airbags deploy during a collision or when there is a non-deployment event that occurs which “wakes up” the system for one reason or another anticipating a deployment of the airbags. Depending on which ACM is installed and the year of the vehicle, the Crash Data Retrieval (CDR) Tool can obtain vehicle speed, brake switch status, percent throttle, and engine speed for 5 seconds prior to impact, as well as the delta-V or change in speed the vehicle experienced during the event. The driver’s seatbelt circuit status, airbag warning lamp status, ignition cycles at deployment and since the accident, and some other data may also be recorded, again depending on the ACM used in each particular vehicle.

Vehicle Coverage?

Most late model vehicles sold in the United States can have their ACM’s imaged by using the CDR Tool. To check the current list of all supported vehicles by the Bosch CDR Tool, please click on the Download Bosch Supported Vehicle List box. You call also click on the Sample CDR Report box to see just what kind of data a Bosch ACM report contains.

While many auto manufacturers have installed ACM’s in their vehicles prior to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) releasing of its final ruling on vehicle event data recorders (EDR), 49 CFR Part 563, these ACM’s do not necessarily create records that are compliant with the new federal regulation and there is no requirement that they be modified. Not all vehicles by these manufacturers have an ACM for all years. The type and amount of recorded data varies considerably. The conditions that must exist, airbag deployment or non-deployment , front, rear or side impact, and/or rollover, to create a record also varies.

CG Consulting (CGC) is trained in the use of the CDR Tool. CGC has all the current updates and software to read Bosch CDR Tool supported vehicles. If you need a particular supported vehicle module read, you can call TCS to have it done. Contact us today for more information!

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