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Vehicle - Pedestrian Accidents and Crashes

Car vs. PedestrianVehicle – Pedestrian accidents often result in severe injuries to the pedestrian. Take a look at the pedestrian accident photograph to the right. In these unfortunate crashes, the pedestrian is always the loser, regardless of who is at fault. But who is at fault in these kinds of crashes? An issue is almost always raised regarding the speed of the vehicle that struck the pedestrian or bicyclist. Of course, if the vehicle was speeding, this will likely place the fault or negligence on the driver. However, this may not be the case. Often times, the pedestrian is actually the one at fault. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has identified that more than half of the adult pedestrians killed were alcohol impaired.

Vehicle – Pedestrian accidents are some of the most difficult to reconstruct. Great care and attention to detail are very important in reconstructing these accidents. Thorn Consulting Services has numerous hours in training and experience investigating these types of crashes.

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