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Railroad Grade Crossing Accidents

Railroad Grade Crossing AccidentsThe intersection of railroad tracks with streets and highways at grade crossings provides the opportunity for serious conflicts. These conflicts have a great potential for serious accidents, particularly where heavy trucks carrying hazardous materials or trains carrying such commodities are involved. Trains carrying hazardous materials present no special threat unless a derailment has occurred. But the loss of life, serious injuries and death, and a tremendous amount of property damage could result. A railroad grade crossing accident can be a far more serious and complicated collision than the typical automobile crash.

There are many types of railroad grade crossing accidents. Some affect more than the vehicle driver and train crew. In most cases, when a grade crossing collision occurs, there has been a violation of at least one traffic law. The most common cause of highway - rail collisions is intentional violations of law, because of impatience or inattention. In over 25% of collisions, the vehicle driver runs into the train. Over half of all railroad grade crossing accidents occur at crossings where there are active warning devices.

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