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Heavy Truck Accidents and Crashes

Heavy Truck Accidents and CrashesIn accident reconstruction, one area of investigation that lends itself to a lot of errors and improper applications of dynamics and equations is that of articulated heavy truck crashes. Like in motorcycle crashes, sometimes the investigator tries to apply automobile analytical procedures to the heavy truck accident. Also, often times not enough evidence or appropriate data is collected at the scene to accurately later reconstruct the accident.

A crash involving a heavy truck or tractor-trailer is never a minor accident and often draws a great deal of attention by all, due to its usual great severity. Early on there are questions of the heavy truck’s speed and its mechanical condition or safety record. Probably one of the least desirable tasks in reconstructing heavy truck accidents is the post-crash inspection of the vehicle. However, this detailed inspection of the heavy truck must be completed in order to determine the contributing factors of the crash and accurately reconstruct it. This, of course, is where Thorn Consulting Services can assist you.

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